When life hits you…

Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile I have been dealing with family problems. My husband was in the hospital. He wasn’t breathing right for a week or two with high blood pressure due to being over weight. For years actually with the high blood pressure, He’s one of those people you tell over and over again to go to the doctor. Then never end up going till it’s to late. Yep we all know that one person or two. Unfortunately my two people are my husband and my mother.So anyways due to his high blood pressure for years his heart enlarged. Then the Doctor went on to say that the heart is only working 25%. 25% out of 100!!!! I freaked out! This was a wake up call for both of us. Since we both have to change the way we eat. I feel since he came home I have become a little bit of a nutritinol drill sergeant. I tell him what and when to eat. To be honest it’s exhausting. The first day he was a little grouchy. But understood he had to do it for his health. It’s been weeks with eating little to no salt and I already see the difference. My husband has lost 28 pounds so far. (GO BABE!!!) I onr the other hand just 15. But hey it’s something right? Although I knew this little information but it’s amazing how much sodium causes your body to retain water. We will continue down this path with hopes of going to our ideal weight.

‘Tis The Season

ballsI have spent two weeks finding parking; Far back in the parking lot from ALL stores (Even at work might I add). Stuck in traffic behind people that are ether undecided where they’re going. So they waver through traffic. Or are not from around here and just visiting; and those slow down because they don’t know the area. (Those I don’t mind so much) yea I’m in a hurry to drop of my son at school, go to work and do other things. But I put myself in their shoes, I’m somewhere I have never been and driving around shopping and sightseeing. I’m going to make sure I’m aware of my surroundings and listen to my GPS too right? Plus, I’m hosting a Christmas dinner at my house that I was ok with a few weeks ago. But the closer we get to the 25th I’m starting to think it wasn’t such a good idea. I was simply doing it out of consideration to my grandmother. She’s getting old and can’t cook like she used to. (hey it happens! it’ll happen to all of us one day too) I’m also going to make it very clear to all my family it will not be an annual thing. They will be sad and might get upset. But honestly I like to go out those days with my family. Doing what you might ask? It really doesn’t matter what it could be from going out to eat breakfast with them at IHOP in the morning to going to the movies with them late afternoon. Then being home at night. But it’s our choice. No one else’s. I take only one day to go crazy out of the year. It’s Thanksgiving, not Christmas! I know they all love my cooking. Hell I surprise myself half the time and take great pleasure to see everyone enjoying the food that I cooked all day. I haven’t said this outload to my family yet but part of me is dying for December to be over. Then there’s the other part of me that loves that cozy feeling I get in my house having all the decorations up. Having a big beautiful tree that we all admire every time we pass it. Watching Christmas movies while eating caramel popcorn or sugar cookies and drinking hot cocoa. In my house it’s by far a Hallmark Christmas movie, But I do think it’s a time of being with family. What we teach our kids today they will stay with when they grow up. I’m hoping when they become adults and have their own family they will take the good things that were taught to them. So the traditions will carry on. Now thinking about the complaining that I just did (trust me there’s more to my complaining but decided not to keep going on and on) isn’t really so bad compared to other people in this world. At least I have a family to complain about. Because that means they love me enough to WANT to spend time with me and be with me on special days like Christmas or Thanksgiving. There’s people during Christmas that don’t have a tree up yet because they are waiting to get paid. Or don’t have the money at all to buy one for their children. Even a Christmas dinner! There are people that won’t be able to afford one. I guess the word and the feeling that I’m looking for is Blessed.

Santa is he real…


Santa isn’t real you know. It’s the parents who buy the kids their presents. That’s what kids at school tell me… -My Son

This is the same thing I’ve been hearing since November. It’s been this broken record! I’m getting to the point I want to lose my mind. Does Santa really exist? When is the right age to talk to your child about this? Do you let them keep believing all through Elementary school? Do you have that talk before they start middle School? Because I’m certain they won’t reach High school believing. Do you wait a few years for a more appropriate age? Or do you sit them down and do the straight out approach. Which is our way in this crazy Circus of mine. But this is a little more delicate to a child that has always believed his whole life. Plus I have always told him I have never lied to him. If you don’t count Santa, Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny. I’ve been good in the lying department so far with my kids. So I feel that’s going to get thrown in my face. From now till… well maybe forever. Then what makes things even worse in this seasonal situation is he’s telling other kids that think Santa’s real that he’s not. I don’t want him to be THAT kid. We have all known a kid in school a time or two that ruined it for the rest. My Husband in the other hand thinks different. He feels we shouldn’t say anything. He’s scared if he learns the truth he won’t look forward to Christmas any more. That the illusion of Christmas will be taken away from him. I could understand where he’s coming from. But I’m still left with the same question when is it ok? When can we share with him a secret that only adults and older children know. Also will he share this with his sister that is way to young to understand. When we sat at the dinner table I asked him why he would say Santa doesn’t exist? His responds was “Because it’s true! Everyone knows that it’s the parents that give the gifts” I didn’t deny nor feed him the same lie we give every year. But I did tell him if he stopped believing there would be no more presents. That Santa gave to the kids who believe in him (At least to buy me some time) and just because he feels that he’s not real doesn’t mean he should take that away from other children who believe. At the end of all this I learned Just because he’s not real doesn’t mean the spirit of him has to die. It’s in the way we give to others, the way we love and spend time with family and friends.